Our Values

Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

  1. Comply with all relevant safety stipulated legal requirements and code of practices.
  2. To ensure effective use of Risk Management System so as to control and minimise inherent risks and hazards.


Occupational Health and Safety Objective :

  1. To ensure awareness is created to all staff in regards to all relevant safety legal requirements and code of practices via tool box meeting and weekly & monthly safety meetings.
  2. To minimise risks and hazards in all running projects using the Risk Management System.

Quality Policy:

Activia Engineering Pte Ltd will earn customer loyalty by providing products, service and interactions of the highest quality that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. Focusing on quality, service and interactions, we are committed to business excellence by the following principles:

Customer Focus

  • Ensure that our services are delivered in high quality and able to satisfy needs of our customers.

Commitment to Quality

  • Establish, maintain and continuous improvement to quality requirements in accordance with the applicable local and international standards for our products/services with minimum reworks.

Quality Objectives

Activia Engineering Pte Ltd’s top management has established quality objectives using the quality policy as basis for the entire organization. It has also established quality objectives needed to meet requirements of products/services offered by Activia Engineering Pte Ltd to its customers. The quality objectives are established in such a manner that will facilitate its measurement. Activia Engineering Pte Ltd has deployed the quality objectives at the organizational level through unit level and project/assignment specific targets. These objectives are reviewed periodically to assess the need for any changes.

  1. To meet customer requirements and specifications in accordance with applicable local and international standards at all times. (80%)
  2. To ensure not more than 3% reworks per project basis.


Quality Objectives:
Activia shall achieve our quality policy through the following objectives :
1. To achieve 90% customer satisfaction at all times.
2. To ensure timely project completion at all times (100%).
3. To achieve not more than 5% rework in each project.
4. To continuous improve on technical knowledge / skill.