Activia is specialized in oil & gas (onshore & offshore), Petrol-Chemical Plant, Analyzer integration works, Marine Modules & Compressor Skid, Semi-conductor / wafer plants and Pharmaceutical Plant for the under-mentioned works.

We provide full spectrum of instrumentation and electrical services through our experienced and professional project teams. In addition, we are committed to our customers our excellent services through our Quality Assurance, Safety Concerned, Well planning, Productivity and Cost Control System.


  • Instrument Installation (eg. Transmitter, Thermo-Couple and Analyzer etc.)
  • Impulse Tubing Installation
  • Pneumatic Air Supply Pipe and Tubing Installation
  • Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Cable Trunking and Conduit Installation
  • Main Cable and Secondary Cable Laying and Termination
  • Marshalling Cabinet and Field Junction Box Installation
  • Calibration of Instrument
  • Pressure Testing For Impulse Tubing
  • Leak Testing for Pneumatic system
  • Analyzer House Installation and Assembly
  • Continuity and Insulation Test For Cable
  • Loop Checking
  • Pre-Commissioning and Assist on Commissioning
  • DCS,Communication (FO,RS 485,Profibus etc.) and Fire Alarm System


  • Low Tension and High Tension Switchboard Installation
  • Electrical Device and Lighting Installation
  • Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Cable Trunking and Conduit Installation
  • Laying Of High Tension and Low Tension Cable
  • Granding and Termination of Electrical Cable
  • Continuity, Insulation and High-Pot Test for Cable
  • Earthing and Lightning System Installation
  • Testing and Pre-commissioning
  • Heat tracing system,Installation of UPS